Primary and Secondary Suspension components for Locomotives, Coaches and Wagons

ACTOM manufactures and supplies components for suspension systems and anti-vibration applications on various forms of transportation. Within the RailIndustry, ACTOM components are amongst others used for suspension systems on locomotives, motor coaches, coaches and wagons.

Typical products manufactured and supplied by ACTOM are used in primary and secondary suspension, traction link suspension, inter-bogie control, motor-noselink & suspension, gearwheel and draw gear.

The products range from rubber to rubber-to-metal bonded components which are manufactured locally and imported. The imported products are from the Dellner Polymer Solutions (Silentbloc) range of products for which ACTOM is the distributor.

A selection of the products ACTOM supplies is shown below. As these products are designed particular for each application and to suit specific customer’srequirements, we only list the products below to indicate what we manufacture. For any specific product details or designs to suit the application, we are ableto provide more details for which we ask you to Contact us.